Save your company money.

From simple LED lighting replacement projects to large scale utility control and monitoring systems we can provide a solution to your energy problem. Water, Electricity, Effluent and Gas are major contributors to money wasted within a production environment, and we can provide you with a solution to your utility problem.


Data logging

Find where your Energy and Utilities are used and arm yourself with the information to combat wastage and reduce your company's manufacturing overheads.


energy management systems

Take control of potentially wasteful processes and implement a control and monitoring system, bespoke built to suit your exact needs


Power factor correction

Poor power factor on your site could be loosing you thousands out of your electricity budget. The relatively simple installation of a power factor correction system can make a huge difference to your running costs.

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control and automation

Have a machine or automation task that needs taking care of? We can do that for you. We design and build bespoke control equipment for a variety of different applications


process cctv

See with pinpoint accuracy where and how your resources are being wasted, and generate energy responsibility within your business, all from the comfort of your Desktop PC.


Energy Usage Surveys

We can produce a company wide energy usage survey to show you where and how you can save on your energy and utility bills in your production environment.